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Iron Pendant with wood Top-thenestsw
Tiara Pendant-thenestsw
Tiara Pendant
From $380.00
Oldbury Bar Wood Bar Pendant-thenestsw
Sold Out
Kudu Ball Lampshade-thenestsw
Kudu Coop Lampshade-thenestsw
Oakmont Glass Hanging Lamp-thenestsw
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Milano Hanging Lamp-thenestsw
Comores Pendant-thenestsw
Mauritius Pendant-thenestsw
Barrhill Beaded Pendant-thenestsw
Botanica Pendant-thenestsw
Botanica Pendant
From $232.50
Rattan Chandelier-thenestsw
Kudu Wave Lampshade-thenestsw
Pendant Wide Flat Brass 48cm-thenestsw
Ayla Pendat-thenestsw
Sold Out
Crackle Pendant Multi 3-thenestsw
Aladdin Metal Pendant Silver-thenestsw
Aria Brass Wood Geo Pendant-thenestsw
Barrowby Pendant-thenestsw
Wire and Ball Chandelier-thenestsw
Hexa Modern Abstract Pendant-thenestsw
Byron Curved Cut Glass Pendant-thenestsw
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Marrakesh Pendant-thenestsw
Marrakesh Pendant
From $150.00
Silver Wire Antique Pendant-thenestsw
Aluminium Hanging Lamp-thenestsw
Pendant Bistro-thenestsw
Glass Dish Ceiling Light-thenestsw
Sold Out
Jute Wood Basket Chandelier-NATURAL-thenestsw
Kudu Deco Lampshade Black-thenestsw
Matrix Pendant Iron Dome & Cage-thenestsw
Bondi Pendant-thenestsw
Bondi Pendant
From $130.00
Farina Pendant-thenestsw
Farina Pendant
From $130.00
Rattan Hanging Lamp-thenestsw
Sold Out
Rattan Hanging Lamp
$129.00 $319.00
Nordic Angled Dome Pendant-thenestsw
Pastel Dome Pendant-thenestsw
Salvaged Iron Pendant-thenestsw
Sold Out
Salvaged Iron Pendant
$119.50 $239.00
51 results