Business Focus - Health Freak

Business Focus - Health Freak

health freak Busselton

Business: Health Freak Cafe

Owners: Stu and B 

Opened: 20th June 2018

Industry: Hospitality

Description: A cafe specialising in healthy and delicious food and beverages, using whole foods based on whole ingredients.

Fav Dish: My fav dish to eat is Avocado on Toast with Haloumi, Bacon and fetta, plus my usual coffee, Almond flat white ;)

No truer word has been spoken!!  Wow haven't the last 8 weeks or so been pretty tough on us all!  Filled with chaos, uncertainty and a lot of stress.  Now as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel I wanted to take a little time to reflect on what have I learnt?  What can I take away from this covid 19 smackdown?  And I came up with lots of responses, one of which I was discussing with Stu and B this morning (Owner Operators of  Health freak), is that there seems to have been a small push towards supporting local business' more.  Granted, I think  it has come from necessity, but the quiet voice inside me hopes that the greater public adopts this mentality and continues to support our local community, support our local business owners, like Stu and B, that have adapted and changed to serve their customers and come out the other side!  

When Stu and B started the fit out for their cafe, they came and supported our business by sourcing their subway tiles (which look mint by the way!) from us. Local business supporting local business.  To me, if anything good could be taken from this trying time is that we all gather around our community and support it in any manner we can.  Afterall, isn't that the essence of true Aussie spirit?

Karen Brown

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